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Your stay in our little town will be reported by a registered provider of accommodation (hotels, campsites, marinas, private apartment owners). For your own convenience and exercise of rights we urge you to make sure you have registered for your entire stay, from arrival to departure date. If your accommodation is outside of the above listed facilities or on your own property where you will be staying, you are obliged to register with the tourist board in the place of residence within 48 hours of arrival.


Skipper of a sailing boat or captain of a ship in international traffic that enters the territorial waters of the Republic of Croatia is obliged to take, for reasons of border control, the shortest waterway to the nearest port where a maritime border crossing is located. When driving a powerboat, make sure your distance from the coast is minimum 300 meters and do not drive in improper areas. Do not sail at a distance less than 200m from the coast with ships and boats for sport and entertainment or 50 m from the shore with motor boats and sailing boats. Do not approach the boats within 50m of fenced beaches and 150m from the natural beaches. For all questions regarding the safety of navigation please contact the competent port authority.

  • Divers ...

for diving and underwater activities we advise you to contact the authorized diving centers. For your own safety, we recommend diving with a diving instructor or in pairs.

  • Campers...

Camp on sites where camping is allowed. "Wild" camping is prohibited! It is prohibited near the roads, in parking lots or hidden areas. Campfires in open areas and near the forest are also prohibited. Cigarette butts or burning matches can start a fire, so please make sure you put them out.



   Dolac 2a, 22244 BETINA

  +385 (0)22 436523

eplore betina1

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